Friday, March 3, 2017

Happy Eighth Birthday, Blog!

Since Rebekah being born was the reason this blog started, 

Giving grandparents and other relatives far from her a chance to see her grow,

We didn't want to neglect the 8th Anniversary of the Blog.

With us having so much work, travel, and attention paid to her Terrible Two Brother,

We are excited that Rebekah is so laid back, fun loving, and flexible.

Her love of climbing, running, and jumping, 

Naturally she wanted the birthday theme of most 8-year-old girls:

Night Ninjas

So after a her favorite breakfast and lunch,

Homemade cinnamon rolls and egg curry with a side of potatoes & okra,

We all donned our blackest outfits,

Invited our friends over for extensive climbing, jumping, crawling, and problem solving,

And had our fill of Ninja Water, Ninja Cupcakes, and Ninja Popcorn.

 Happy Birthday, Rebekah!

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