Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Staying In Touch With Our Roots

When we were poor Seminary Students and Kristie was working a late shift at the Psychiatric Hospital, James would sometimes pick her up with the excited news that "The light is on!" at Krispy Kreme Donuts. Two free, hot donuts were pretty much the best we could ask for.

So when the Krispy Kreme opened in Delhi a few years ago, we knew our sentimentality would most likely draw us there every time we passed through town. 

And so goes one of our family traditions:

Eat American Food Whenever Available

We wear the hats and make faces at one another,

Pretend we're waiters at this fine establishment,

And eat...

And eat donuts.

We're pretty sure we'll sweat it off in the summertime heat.

We're not as excited about all the American chains that come to Delhi. Rebekah has a hate-hate relationship with BK, mainly due to her loyalty to McDonalds.

If you have to travel, you might as well enjoy the American junk food along the way.

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