Thursday, May 12, 2016

South Asia Driving

Many have asked us if the driving here "Is just crazy or what?!"

And actually, there is some order to the disorder. Do we ever get nervous when we're headed down the wrong way of a divided highway, with huge trucks coming our way? 

Maybe a little. 

Probably no more nervous than the motorcyclist is when he's in the wrong lane due to a traffic jam in his lane.

The most frustrating part, though, is just the sitting. This motorcyclist was in a line of trucks and buses and tractors over 20 miles long we saw last week. Thankfully it wasn't in our direction. 

What is the most frustrating part is the traffic jams created by who-knows what! 

Sometimes a political protest. Sometimes a broken down vehicle.

Sometimes a trucker who blocks a driveway because he misjudged how much driveway there was (or, to be fair, the driveway might have collapsed under his truck).

Most of the time, though, it's just bridges that are too small filled with vehicles that are too big...

With nobody wanting to take their turn. 

In those cases, hopefully you have a good book-on-tape to listen to. It might be a few hours.

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