Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Rebekah at 7: The Force Is Strong in This One

Kids can become a little obsessed with things, we're learning. 

Last Fall, with the forthcoming release of Star Wars: Episode 7, 

James decided to show Rebekah the first 6 movies. 

Obsessed, she became.

So in the USA, we had a party for family and friends before we left,

Taking advantage of all the Star Wars merchandise (and Pinterest ideas) so cheap and easily available.

Back in South Asia, on her actual birthday,

We had R2D2 and Darth Vader pancakes,

Then we had our traditional, "whatever you want to eat" meal with our South Asian friends. 

How many American children, or even adults, would choose Egg Curry?

We capped off the night with a pajamas and A New Hope viewing party with more friends. 

 No child is perfect. 

But the other day we honestly tried to think of a time we had ever seen Rebekah "mad" or "mean".

Hasn't happened (yet).

We are grateful for the opportunity to share our Journey with Rebekah.

Thank all of you for our support and prayers through the years.

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