Sunday, February 28, 2016

Back, "home"

Reed was born in South Asia. 

Rebekah remembers no other "home" than our sleepy little town here. 
And she asked, in the USA, when we would be going back "home". 

Our time in the USA, visiting so many family, old friends, and new friends
Was rewarding beyond words. 

Knowing so many were praying for us through our Journey, 

And so many want to be involved in some way with us, puts us in awe.

But we packed our van full, 

Got our mullets cut off
(and were none to happy about losing such a classic hairstyle),

In preparation for the ride to the international terminal.

So for now, we are in this home. 

"Home" may shift in the next month, or year, or in five years.

But for now, here we are.

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