Friday, November 27, 2015

Fall is For Football

Since most of our football for the last 5 years has been Fantasy Football or streaming NFL games on poor internet connections, we are taking advantage of being here.

Rebekah's first football game back when she was 1 was sunny and warm. 

Reed's was a little colder (a lot colder), but we had a good time. 

Then we had the Halloween game, where Rebekah got to march with the cheerleaders before the game,

Go on the field to greet the football players in the rain, 

And almost get caught in a tornado on the way home from the game.

Then of course Kristie and James got to enjoy a Saints game (and win!). 

While more expensive and so much more 'professional' feeling than college games, 
it helped us complete our football gorging while we're in the USA this fall.

 Who knows when our next game will be, but we're always willing to take free tickets!

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