Friday, September 11, 2015

Tigers Eat Babies in Thailand

We were not impressed by the way the THOUSANDS of crocodiles the Tiger Zoo in Thailand were treated,

But most of the Tigers seemed to be treated well

(other than the drugged adult tiger with whom you could take your picture--we declined)

(Although the "experiment of tiger cubs nursing off pig mothers to make them more docile seemed a little Frankensteinish.) 

But the baby tigers were definitely not drugged or docile...

As Reed almost discovered! 

After the Incident of the Almost Missing Baby Fingers,

Reed kept his distance from the Baby Tigers.

Although for the $1 a bottle of milk cost, Rebekah insisted on feeding,


And feeding the Baby Tigers repeatedly. 

(DISCLAIMER: Reed was never actually in danger of losing his fingers; Grandparents and Grandparent-Types can stay calm.)

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