Thursday, August 20, 2015

Can Crocodiles Cry? (Srirachi Tiger Zoo, Part 1)

We don't know for sure if Crocodiles can cry, 

But if they do, Rebekah felt quite sure that those at the Srirachi Tiger Zoo "Crocodile Show" were crying. 

Don't get us wrong, the Zoo itself was very nice,

The decorations and settings were top-notch,

And even feeding raw chickens to crocodiles seemed okay.

But Rebekah is an animal lover,

And she could only bear a few minutes of the "handlers" pulling around obviously drugged 

(and we suspect de-toothed) crocodiles around by their tails.

We moved on, however, and all enjoyed the less "dangerous," more personal interactions with the animals at the Zoo.

And we all quietly cheered for those crocodiles in the shows...

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Math Hatred: Something Just Doesn't Add Up Here

A family of 4

Takes 3 flights (starting at 2:30 AM)

Totalling 20 hours, 

Has 7 hours of layovers, 

And travels across 10 1/2 time zones, 

All in 1 calendar day.

The parents--despite being sceptical of such remedies--take No-Jet-Lag.

The children do not. 

After all that,

What do you get?

A Transformation from kids who act like this at 10 PM...

to this at 5:30 PM two days later:

Jet Lag is Real, my friends. 

Very real.