Tuesday, June 16, 2015

An Appetite for South Asia

Let's be honest,

The Best Food in South Asia is Kristie Roberts's Gumbo
(this is James writing, btw).

Just look at it.

But, as we prepare for some traveling to Thailand and the U.S.A.,

We wanted to spend some time reflecting on the smells and tastes of our area.

One minute, you are engulfed by random incense from an idol in your roadside dhaba,

And the next you'll be feasting on some boiling hot mutton prepped by the restaurant's owner.

You can experience the awe of the Jama Masjid one minute,

Walk past some pretty graphic scenes of animal hides, heads, and entrails, 

Then minutes later feast on some sumptuous roasted meat at a great (and greatly affordable) restaurant.

Cow dung for cooking and heating on the walls and in baskets one minute,

And some seriously good street food served on yesterday's newspaper the next.

From the Big City's streetside lamb schawarma...

To the best Fried Momos in the country in a tiny, chilly Hill Station,

South Asia has some crazy tasty food. 

You should all come visit and give it a try.

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