Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015: The Weekend of Power Outages

On Easter Eve,

Having just been reminded that on this day our Savior was in the grave,

We had a crazily unseasonal (and ominous) hail, thunder, and wind storm.

So Easter Sunday morning, celebrating the Resurrection,

We had our fun and got ready for church with no power

(the power finally returned after 20 hours on Easter Night).

Despite our Electricity Deficiency,

We tried to normalize our South Asian Easter

To our Sending Culture's Easter

As much as we could.

We dyed hard-boiled eggs

(Even spreading the fun with our South Asian friends),

Got a few small gifts from our family,


Or just played with...

Plastic Eggs dad stayed up late to hide.

Life is always an Adventure,

Especially here in Unpredictable South Asia.

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