Friday, April 17, 2015

Can This Really Be Happening? Kindergarten Graduation

Farewell, Kidzee.

When we moved to our sleepy little town back in October 2011, we wanted our short little 2-year-old to have some socialization while Mom & Dad had some Language Classes.

So, in January of 2012, Rebekah started school at Kidzee,

A school taught in English, but where very few of the classmates spoke English,

And the teachers spoke an odd Hindi-Nepali-Bengali-British English mix with the kids.

But Rebekah spoke the Universal Kids' Langauge: Playing.

So she played,

And grew (turning 3),

And played,

(and potty trained),

And grew,

Into our wonderfully sassy,



Hindi-speaking 6-year-old,

Who was so proud of herself and the confidence that this $8 per month "private school" instilled in her.

She even loved having her embarrassing parents become a fixture at the school,

Eating Street Food outside the school, Chatting with the Locals, 

And Practicing their Hindi "skills" with the students while sharing about our holidays & culture.

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