Thursday, April 30, 2015

Awesome Kids: The Cure For Our Sadness

The Mixed Emotions that come with the realization that after 4 years

We are going back to the USA for a few months are hitting the Adults in our family these days.

We have experienced so many new things, 

Seen so many new places,

And made so many new friends,

That the Transition--however temporary--from this side of the world

To the other side has proven more emotionally challenging than we had hoped.

But all of Our Journeys, even just the tedious grown-up-life ones,

Are made a lot easier because we have such awesome kids,

Who deserve medals for their eagerness to travel by plane, train, car, horse, or rickshaw,

Endure hours of just sitting while Mom & Dad do their jobs,

Eat things a normal person would never try,

And let us dress them up every time we go to Darjeeling.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Can This Really Be Happening? Kindergarten Graduation

Farewell, Kidzee.

When we moved to our sleepy little town back in October 2011, we wanted our short little 2-year-old to have some socialization while Mom & Dad had some Language Classes.

So, in January of 2012, Rebekah started school at Kidzee,

A school taught in English, but where very few of the classmates spoke English,

And the teachers spoke an odd Hindi-Nepali-Bengali-British English mix with the kids.

But Rebekah spoke the Universal Kids' Langauge: Playing.

So she played,

And grew (turning 3),

And played,

(and potty trained),

And grew,

Into our wonderfully sassy,



Hindi-speaking 6-year-old,

Who was so proud of herself and the confidence that this $8 per month "private school" instilled in her.

She even loved having her embarrassing parents become a fixture at the school,

Eating Street Food outside the school, Chatting with the Locals, 

And Practicing their Hindi "skills" with the students while sharing about our holidays & culture.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015: The Weekend of Power Outages

On Easter Eve,

Having just been reminded that on this day our Savior was in the grave,

We had a crazily unseasonal (and ominous) hail, thunder, and wind storm.

So Easter Sunday morning, celebrating the Resurrection,

We had our fun and got ready for church with no power

(the power finally returned after 20 hours on Easter Night).

Despite our Electricity Deficiency,

We tried to normalize our South Asian Easter

To our Sending Culture's Easter

As much as we could.

We dyed hard-boiled eggs

(Even spreading the fun with our South Asian friends),

Got a few small gifts from our family,


Or just played with...

Plastic Eggs dad stayed up late to hide.

Life is always an Adventure,

Especially here in Unpredictable South Asia.