Friday, March 27, 2015

Reed at 10 Months

When your kids are 5 years apart in age,

You tend to forget what the first one did at what age.

Looking back at Rebekah at that age, though, 

South Asian life hasn't stunted him too much!

He's got more teeth than Rebekah at that age (7 & counting),

Copies our expressions, clapping, and sounds,

Has stood independently 

(Although he doesn't get the opportunities Rebekah did,

 as South Asian households aren't carpeted and cracked heads are common occurrences),

And even started crawling (forward--he's scooted backwards on our marble/granite floors for a couple months) last Sunday (March 22, 2015). 

He even bears a slight resemblance to his sister, 

Although he's a little crazier than Rebekah...

So consider our hands full for the next 17 years or so.

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