Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Birthday Win for Everyone!!!

Six Year Olds are so easy to please.

At least ours is.

That's good for us, because we are not always the most creative parents,

And we are not living in a place with a thousand fun kid options.

Handing out cupcakes to some friends.

For her birthday lunch, by her request: 

Egg Curry ("her favorite"), daal (lentils) & rice, and potatoes.

Birthday dinner with her family at a restaurant that gives popcorn as the free pre-meal appetizer 

(making it her favorite restaurant).

Then having another joint birthday party with her friend and classmate,

Three hours of running around with all her friends,

And enjoying the strange combination of a How To Train Your Dragon & Hello Kitty Party.

Even little brother had fun:

Not so much in the ball pit,

But definitely definitely on the padded floor.

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