Friday, March 27, 2015

Reed at 10 Months

When your kids are 5 years apart in age,

You tend to forget what the first one did at what age.

Looking back at Rebekah at that age, though, 

South Asian life hasn't stunted him too much!

He's got more teeth than Rebekah at that age (7 & counting),

Copies our expressions, clapping, and sounds,

Has stood independently 

(Although he doesn't get the opportunities Rebekah did,

 as South Asian households aren't carpeted and cracked heads are common occurrences),

And even started crawling (forward--he's scooted backwards on our marble/granite floors for a couple months) last Sunday (March 22, 2015). 

He even bears a slight resemblance to his sister, 

Although he's a little crazier than Rebekah...

So consider our hands full for the next 17 years or so.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Rebekah & Reed & The Bear (Christmas 2014 Edition)

When Rebekah was born, we illustrated her growth to family and friends afar by positioning her next to an ENORMOUS Teddy Bear,

From the time she was 2 days old up until our trip to the USA in 2013.

With Reed turning 10 months old tomorrow,

We remembered that we had a 7-month picture of him and the same bear,

With Rebekah having been 5 during our Christmas Trip.

As corny as it may seem to have this bear around your house (and on your blog) since 2009,

We are just those type of parents.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Birthday Win for Everyone!!!

Six Year Olds are so easy to please.

At least ours is.

That's good for us, because we are not always the most creative parents,

And we are not living in a place with a thousand fun kid options.

Handing out cupcakes to some friends.

For her birthday lunch, by her request: 

Egg Curry ("her favorite"), daal (lentils) & rice, and potatoes.

Birthday dinner with her family at a restaurant that gives popcorn as the free pre-meal appetizer 

(making it her favorite restaurant).

Then having another joint birthday party with her friend and classmate,

Three hours of running around with all her friends,

And enjoying the strange combination of a How To Train Your Dragon & Hello Kitty Party.

Even little brother had fun:

Not so much in the ball pit,

But definitely definitely on the padded floor.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday Rebekah!!!

Rebekah literally is the reason this blog exists.

Go check our first post from the day after she was born (March 3, 2009).

 We don't want that to go to her head, and we don't want her to think she's better than her brother,

(She already annoys him enough)

But she loves her brother more than just about anything.

More than the Legos she got for her birthday...

More than My Little Pony, How to Train Your Dragon, Frozen...

More than leaving her proudly handwritten--both print and cursive--notes from her numerous tiny notebooks laying around the house...

She is Little Miss Personality.

We are glad to have her.