Thursday, February 19, 2015

Love is In the Air

While Kristie got her normal 20 red roses from James on Valentine's Day

(she was so 'excited' she didn't even take pictures of them--
although she did manipulate James into a Valentine's Day Selfie at the Mall,
Like EVERY other South Asian Couple was doing!!!), 

Rebekah just got her 5--one for each year of her life.

(Yes, flowers are pretty cheap here--
Not Nairobi, Africa Cheap, but still cheap.) 

Rebekah wanted to make sure Reed had an exciting first Valentine's Day. 

And our quick trip to the USA over Christmas made Rebekah's day much more excited because it enabled her Aunt to indulge her newfound fascination with My Little Pony.

We suspect Reed enjoyed his Build-A-Bear as well, although he mostly just shows his teething love these days by chewing on the it.

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