Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holidays Overseas: Christmas Season Begins 2014

The Christmas season is certainly upon us again.



Christmas Decorations,

Worrying that Christmas Presents mailed from the USA will get pilfered in the mail in Calcutta.

What? Is that just us?

Actually, just like two years ago,

And last year,

The Season didn't kick off until we built Rebekah's Gingerbread House!

We had a good time, but were also very serious about this delicate 

(and deceptively frustrating)

Construction Job.

And part the Chimney may have fallen victim to Rebekah's stomach (and James's mouth) before it ever made it onto the house.

We won't say we were 100% without accidents,

As the icing bag exploded onto our anxious 5-year-old's nose,

But in the end, the snowy landscape shined with our tasty creation.

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