Thursday, October 23, 2014

Puja in Pictures, Part 4

Down By the River

We have been travelling during this Puja month
(remember, "puja"="worship")

But there has been a lot of activity all over our part of South Asia.

We showed you some of the evolution of a pandal
("temporary temple" constructed by clubs in each neighborhood)

From a pile of bamboo and cloth into a beautiful temple.

And we showed you the Hindu idol in the river at the conclusion of one Puja.

In just a couple weeks,
Those idols are made in sheds on the side of the road out of sticks and mud,

Taken to the pandals,

Where guys like these priests or pundits

Tell the lines of devoted worshipers (oddly, mostly women/girls) how to give the "gifts" 
(fruit, sweets, food, and money) to the gods.

And the next day, the gods are loaded in the back of trucks,

Where a bunch of mostly young (and many times drunk & high) guys/boys

And some not-so-appropriately dressed dancers

Accompany the gods to the river.


Religiously, we aren't sure if there's a reason for throwing the gods in the river after every Puja.

Pragmatically, the gods are just mud and sticks, so what else are you going to do with them?

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