Saturday, September 27, 2014

Puja in Pictures, Part 3

The Evolution of an Idol
(at least in South Asia)

We showed you the big pile of bamboo a couple days ago. Puja Season is big business for bamboo dealers, because in virtually every neighborhood in every city and village, huge, fascinating structures arise in days, are used for a couple days, and then are disassembled just as quickly.

The pile of bamboo...

... becomes the frame,

the frame gets decorated
(by men definitely not operating under Western-safety standards)...

... with colorful South Asian cloth...

And a MIRACULOUS pandal appears!!!
(that's what the temporary structure for worship of the idol is called)

Usually, until the day of the god's actual worship, the entrance is covered.

So unless you peek inside where the idol is made from mud, sticks, and paint;

Or see the idols in the rivers after they have been disposed of by their worshipers, 

 You just have to visit the pandals during the Puja Days.

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