Friday, September 26, 2014

Puja in Pictures, Part 2

We lived much of our lives in the Southern USA, where the perception, especially from non-religious non-Southerners, is that "religion is everywhere."

Sure, in the USA when we go to shopping malls during Christmas or Easter Seasons, we sometimes encounter "religious" symbols and traditions. And in a Christian owned business, there might even be a cross somewhere behind the cash register.

But religious life in South Asia makes even the "Bible-soaked South" look pretty non-religious. In fact, the controversy Paul encountered in the Bible where Christians likely couldn't find meat that HADN'T been "sacrificed to idols" come to life.

So when we go to our "old mall"--which is also the only A/C mall in our city, and the mall with our city's one Pizza Hut...

The idols (not necessarily a word with a negative connotation to Hindus here, so I'm not being derogatory) are everywhere.

And what fun is having fancy idols if your daughter doesn't want her picture taken with it!

Puja Season is upon us, and the ever-religious South Asian World is becoming crowded with celebrations, incense, and idols!

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