Thursday, September 25, 2014

Puja In Pictures, Part 1

We are in Puja Season...

And where else would you expect to find an elaborate, temporary place of worship than in a parking garage at the mall in town?

"Puja" just means "worship"

A few weeks ago, Ganesh...

Then Biswakarma...

And now, Navrati is beginning. Today. And it goes until Oct 3. Navratri="The Nine Nights"

So, other than big sales at the stores, people's lives drastically change as they try to collect money they've loaned throughout the year, and start spending all their hard-earned money and pinched pennies on repainting rooms of their houses and contributing to their local Puja Clubs.

And traffic is bad. And the crowds are everywhere. And Rebekah doesn't have school. And huge bamboo structures are built, with the bamboo knocking out electric, telephone, and internet lines more often than we'd like to see.

So we just wanted to give you glimpses of Puja over the coming days...

During Biswakarma, one of the things people pray for is the smooth running of their machines, so worship is done for, among other things, people's vehicles.

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