Sunday, August 31, 2014

"Home School Is More Fun Than I Thought!!!"

We are not sure what kind of torture Rebekah thought Kristie was about to expose her to.

Maybe some of you teachers can tell us when students in the USA generally learn certain things.

We know that living in South Asia, many things are different, including Rebekah's education.

Rebekah has been in the South Asian schools since she was 2 years old.

Yes, they start at 2. 

Granted, they are not learning advanced subjects, but they are being drilled to memorize lists of "necessary" items, learn numbers, learn the alphabets (English and Hindi), cursive handwriting, etc. 
Failure to memorize, in some schools, can lead to shaming or getting "rapped on the knuckles" with the scale (ruler).

We knew that at some point Rebekah's memorization would need to be supplemented with USA curriculum, so we have begun Up-Words Reading with Rebekah after her school days end.

On her first day of school, Rebekah was excited--and a bit worried--about her mama teaching her!

But after the rules were hashed out, the work was done.

Brother (mostly) behaved, following Rule #6,

And now Rebekah cannot wait until lunch is finished to get her reading, writing, and phonics done!

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