Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Goodbye, Delhi; Hello, Home

The last 2 1/2 months have brought about a lot of change in the Roberts' Household.

We have been working on so much paperwork (REMINDER: Try not to have a baby overseas, unless you're prepared to carry around pounds and pounds of papers proving who the baby is, who you are, your blood type, and who your parents' parents' parents were!) that we have hardly had time to breathe.

SO, we were glad to finally leave Delhi and Kathmandu, after travelling back and forth, registering Reed as being born (1 office), as an official American (1 office), as being able to leave India legally (1 office), and finally as being able to come back into India legally (1 FINAL office).

Our last couple days before returning to our sleepy little (HUMID) town, we decided to do some cutting.

After 5 years of barely managing her hair, we got Rebekah her first haircut in an actual salon.

She thought it was torture.

Then we let the doctors give Reed a little sedative and do a little cutting on him as well. 

We all thought that was torture

(not actually torture, though, so please don't judge us).

But we celebrated our final days in Delhi the way we inaugurated our first few days in Delhi. Having a good time at the mall,

Demolishing some Chili's skillet queso, bottomless tostadas, and chicken wings, 

And enjoying the sumptuous Krispy Kreme donuts, in moderation. 

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