Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Baby Bath Updates

(Because we all know babies, once they are teenagers, love their parents' stories about their baths as babies.)

Well, they are happening. I know you are all glad to hear that. 

You remember our screaming, red-bodied baby from his first few weeks. The boy did not like to take a bath... at all.

But fortunately, the worst of the screaming fits are over. 

We don't find a bathtub very often in South Asia, but on our many travels we have found a few, and little Reed is actually fond of warm baths, as long as he's not hungry.

Look at those eyes! He's watching EVERYTHING!

 And much like his sister, who was swimming at 2 months, he even enjoys hopping in the pool to cool off.


Pictures of our child in the bath and taking a 7-week-old swimming in the hottest country in the world! Another reasons we're parents of the year!

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