Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Taj Mahal, and Sweat

We have lived in South Asia coming on 3 years now. And you CANNOT come to South Asia--especially with your kids growing up here--and not go to the Taj Mahal.

So our friends came for a visit after Reed's birth, and we decided to load up the truck and head down to Agra...

HOWEVER, you might want to put those "Parents of the Year" Awards on hold for a few more weeks.  Because North India happened to be in the middle of the hottest month in 60 years. 

Yeah, it was hot, and we had a 3-week-old son. The Indian women were not amused (other than those who wanted to touch his feet as some sort of religious blessing.)

But Reed just slept.

Our philosophy was that many, many babies have to live with the South Asian heat every day. So surely a healthy American boy could handle it.

Rebekah was obsessed with everything about the Taj,

Wanting to pose for all the pictures. 

Meanwhile, her brother was probably cooler than all of us, in the shade of his stroller with a cooling rag wrapped around him!

He may not remember any of it when he grows up, but he can always say he was there!

Even mixed with sweat, we encourage all of you to come to the Taj. And that may actually be the best time to come to avoid the lines and crowds!

For the price, the trip to the Taj is worth is any time! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Baby Bath Updates

(Because we all know babies, once they are teenagers, love their parents' stories about their baths as babies.)

Well, they are happening. I know you are all glad to hear that. 

You remember our screaming, red-bodied baby from his first few weeks. The boy did not like to take a bath... at all.

But fortunately, the worst of the screaming fits are over. 

We don't find a bathtub very often in South Asia, but on our many travels we have found a few, and little Reed is actually fond of warm baths, as long as he's not hungry.

Look at those eyes! He's watching EVERYTHING!

 And much like his sister, who was swimming at 2 months, he even enjoys hopping in the pool to cool off.


Pictures of our child in the bath and taking a 7-week-old swimming in the hottest country in the world! Another reasons we're parents of the year!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Sharp-Dressed Children

Rebekah on Red Day at school, wearing her shirt from Nepal and skirt a friend gave her...

And Reed, in a preppy shirt and shorts someone sent from America! 

Growing Up Fast!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Goodbye, Delhi; Hello, Home

The last 2 1/2 months have brought about a lot of change in the Roberts' Household.

We have been working on so much paperwork (REMINDER: Try not to have a baby overseas, unless you're prepared to carry around pounds and pounds of papers proving who the baby is, who you are, your blood type, and who your parents' parents' parents were!) that we have hardly had time to breathe.

SO, we were glad to finally leave Delhi and Kathmandu, after travelling back and forth, registering Reed as being born (1 office), as an official American (1 office), as being able to leave India legally (1 office), and finally as being able to come back into India legally (1 FINAL office).

Our last couple days before returning to our sleepy little (HUMID) town, we decided to do some cutting.

After 5 years of barely managing her hair, we got Rebekah her first haircut in an actual salon.

She thought it was torture.

Then we let the doctors give Reed a little sedative and do a little cutting on him as well. 

We all thought that was torture

(not actually torture, though, so please don't judge us).

But we celebrated our final days in Delhi the way we inaugurated our first few days in Delhi. Having a good time at the mall,

Demolishing some Chili's skillet queso, bottomless tostadas, and chicken wings, 

And enjoying the sumptuous Krispy Kreme donuts, in moderation.