Friday, June 6, 2014


(Despite some of the pitiful pictures of Reed)***

Words Like...

Chest Tube,

Can be scary to parents. And although Reed has never been a critical case, he's still our child, with purple hands from the needles and over a dozen tubes and monitors extending from his 7-lb. body. 

But we are learning Patience, and Trust.

We were ready to go the morning he came,

And after the news of his lung problems we tried to keep up our good spirits as we sat in the hospital room for 5 days

And for the past week (after Kristie was discharged) as we have transported food back and forth for Reed via public transportation in 110+ degree weather. 

Reed has spent most of his time sleeping, first under a heat lamp, for a few days under a UV lamp...

And for the first 9 days of his life almost exclusively with a machine (CPAP) on his nose normally worn by sleep apnea patients. 

Kristie finally got to hold him on Day 9 as they weaned him slowly off the CPAP

And he quickly got used to having the machine off,

And hanging with mom and dad.

He is a fiery little guy who gives the nurses all kinds of troubles with his squirming and his determined attitude,

Whether it be chewing on his monitors,
Sucking on his hands, our fingers, or his feeding tube,

Or just ripping his feeding tube out of his mouth.

We think he's about ready to come home.

 Thanks for your continued prayers and expressions of concern for Reed.

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  1. Definitely praying for little Reed and his parents and big sister. I can't imagine how hard this has been for you all. Brings tears to my eyes. Love you all. And COME HOME SOON REED!!!