Thursday, May 8, 2014

Playing Nice (Holi 2014)

On television commercials, Holi--

The Most Colorful of South Asian Holidays--


But when gangs of colored-powder toting teenage and 20-something boys roam the streets...

You may want to stay indoors.

Of all the dozens of religious and national holidays, Holi may be the only day of the year on which stores actually close.

But nothing could stop Kristie--at 7 1/2 months pregnant--and our friend from daring the streets.

Although the neighbourhood ladies and children did not know what to think at first,

They soon attempted to bring the water and color to Kristie's position.

Once they saw her vulnerabilities, she was surrounded, 

And her ammunition and water were taken.

Before long, the two white ladies were indistinguishable from everyone else.

We cannot lock ourselves indoors when the culture is just waiting to be Engaged!

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