Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Mother to All (Mother's Day, 2014)

One thing we may not have appreciated from our mother's when we were young was all their unsolicited advice, but we knew they loved us and only gave the advice because they cared so deeply.

Kristie loves to give unsolicited advice, but for so many people here in South Asia, she demolishes cultural and language barriers and shows her love for them in A THOUSAND ways.

And for that, we love her.

Two years ago, we spent Mother's Day on a train...

Last year, we spent a quiet day at home...

So, in order to keep her on her toes, we are spending this year in Delhi awaiting the arrival of our second child.

Some flowers, 

Some Hard Rock Cafe appetizers for lunch,

and some fun in the 100+ degree Delhi sun! 

Thanks for putting up with your husband, child, and the hundreds of other lives you touch daily!

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