Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mardi Gras Food, Over Here

A lot of times our minds revolve around food. This year, although we did not manage to make it back to the South Mississippi area for Mardi Gras, we did our best to make our Mardi Gras food bigger and better than in previous years.

Kristie always makes gumbo for guests here in South Asia (although without the andouille sausage it's not quite the same), and it's definitely the best gumbo in South Asia. So this year, we wanted to take our Mardi Gras food to the next level.

Just like in previous years, we enjoyed some homemade King Cake...

And--like last year--taught Rebekah a little bit more about what Mardi Gras was about, doing the Mardi Gras Mambo, dancing around as the Mardi Gras Princess, reminiscing about the New Orleans Saints, and helping Rebekah make her own King Cake.

But we added some homemade beignets this year. The powdered sugar definitely attracted Rebekah's attention,

And tasting the beignets apparently made Rebekah's eyes cross!

But they straightened out when the plates of sugar-coated goodness were set before her.

 So everyone enjoy yourself, but not too much, on this Fat Tuesday! 

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