Sunday, March 9, 2014

Birthday Party #5: Still A Princess

Of course we think Rebekah is a Princess, even in her not-so-shining moments. Her birthday party last year (you can also see links to parties from all Rebekah's previous years' parties) was a chance for her to share specifically her princess persona with all her friends here in our sleepy little town. This year, Rebekah was pretty nonchalant about a particular "theme", so this became a very general "princess" party, with decorations from previous years, plus whatever we could patch together from the South Asian bazaar.

We had our family day with Rebekah at home on her actual birthday (March 2), but we didn't have the games...

The number of laughs....

Or the unrestrained sugar intake....

 Of Rebekah's 5th Birthday Bash!

Here's to another year!

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