Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Milestone for Rebekah

Twice this week, including the night before her birthday, Rebekah cried herself to sleep because she 'wasn't ready to be a grown up'.

And the truth is, today marks a special day for Rebekah. Not only is she turning 5, she is also marking having spent almost exactly half of her life with South Asia as her home.

But we know how to have a good time around our sleepy little town in order to make her forget the worries.

First you sleep in late, which makes us wonder what Rebekah will be like as a teenager.

Then, you spend hours opening and playing with all of the gifts mailed to you from your family back in America!

You get dressed and drive through the jungle, looking for (and feeding vegetables to) the monkeys which, although nuisances, are still pretty cute.

Go to a nice place to eat...

Ride some of the cheap...

And sometimes risky looking rides around the mall.

Eat some Baskin Robbins with the family,

And come back home to end the day out, looking back and remembering all the people back in Mississippi who were thinking of her and praying for her during this special day.

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