Monday, March 31, 2014

Another Milestone for Rebekah

As parents of a 5-year-old being raised in a culture where she is always an outsider, we try to be pretty laissez-faire about minor choices Rebekah chooses to make, as long as her decisions don't lead her toward physical harm.

So, at the beginning of our two-week, three-city/two-country trip during the middle of March, we were just walking through the malls of Delhi, looking for food from a restaurant we don't have in our sleepy little town, and James nonchalantly asked if Rebekah was ready...

To pierce her ears. 

We thought Rebekah would certainly say "No," as she had done in September back in the USA,

But she has a newfound "go-with-the-flow attitude" about many things these days,

So she literally just shrugged her shoulders and said "Why not?"

Some tight hand-holding was Rebekah's only reaction,

And the workers gathered in amazement and cringed more than she did.

Kristie shed more tears than Rebekah,

Who--much to our pleasure as her parents--
Is more curious about new things than scared of them.

And Kristie and Rebekah rewarded themselves with some Krispy Kreme donuts in the mall! 

Pierced ears... Krispy Kreme... Malls...

South Asia has it all!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Birthday Party #5: Still A Princess

Of course we think Rebekah is a Princess, even in her not-so-shining moments. Her birthday party last year (you can also see links to parties from all Rebekah's previous years' parties) was a chance for her to share specifically her princess persona with all her friends here in our sleepy little town. This year, Rebekah was pretty nonchalant about a particular "theme", so this became a very general "princess" party, with decorations from previous years, plus whatever we could patch together from the South Asian bazaar.

We had our family day with Rebekah at home on her actual birthday (March 2), but we didn't have the games...

The number of laughs....

Or the unrestrained sugar intake....

 Of Rebekah's 5th Birthday Bash!

Here's to another year!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mardi Gras Food, Over Here

A lot of times our minds revolve around food. This year, although we did not manage to make it back to the South Mississippi area for Mardi Gras, we did our best to make our Mardi Gras food bigger and better than in previous years.

Kristie always makes gumbo for guests here in South Asia (although without the andouille sausage it's not quite the same), and it's definitely the best gumbo in South Asia. So this year, we wanted to take our Mardi Gras food to the next level.

Just like in previous years, we enjoyed some homemade King Cake...

And--like last year--taught Rebekah a little bit more about what Mardi Gras was about, doing the Mardi Gras Mambo, dancing around as the Mardi Gras Princess, reminiscing about the New Orleans Saints, and helping Rebekah make her own King Cake.

But we added some homemade beignets this year. The powdered sugar definitely attracted Rebekah's attention,

And tasting the beignets apparently made Rebekah's eyes cross!

But they straightened out when the plates of sugar-coated goodness were set before her.

 So everyone enjoy yourself, but not too much, on this Fat Tuesday! 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Milestone for Rebekah

Twice this week, including the night before her birthday, Rebekah cried herself to sleep because she 'wasn't ready to be a grown up'.

And the truth is, today marks a special day for Rebekah. Not only is she turning 5, she is also marking having spent almost exactly half of her life with South Asia as her home.

But we know how to have a good time around our sleepy little town in order to make her forget the worries.

First you sleep in late, which makes us wonder what Rebekah will be like as a teenager.

Then, you spend hours opening and playing with all of the gifts mailed to you from your family back in America!

You get dressed and drive through the jungle, looking for (and feeding vegetables to) the monkeys which, although nuisances, are still pretty cute.

Go to a nice place to eat...

Ride some of the cheap...

And sometimes risky looking rides around the mall.

Eat some Baskin Robbins with the family,

And come back home to end the day out, looking back and remembering all the people back in Mississippi who were thinking of her and praying for her during this special day.