Sunday, February 23, 2014

What Are We Thinking (A Busy Life, Part 3 of 3)

Our trusty MacBook Pro, with all our pictures on it, gave up the ghost on a cold January morning here in South Asia.

So finding a replacement took a while.

Plus, we've had a lot of planning going on.

A Lot Of Planning.

With a lot more coming...

As Summer 2014 approaches...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Family Tradition (A Busy Life, Part 2 of 3)

We like to be on the move, to try new things.

And while "being on the move" is a major ingredient in having fun, it also results in being exhausted a lot of the time. (Can't you see the gray popping up in James' beard?)

But we are only going to live once, right? 

So why not believe all the advertisements and try to visit every "tourist attraction" everywhere you go? 

You may not get pumped about the ride on a 150-year-old train in the cold, but your child will!

Sure, you may end up having more fun feeding the birds than actually touring the historical site, but it's all about the experience.

Sometimes, you can sit back and enjoy an overview of the places you visit in peace, from above,

But more often you become part of the scenery. We are okay with that. 

We are just amazed that people here are so amazed at our "whiteness."

But the moving around, getting involved in the events and happenings of South Asia, lead to all kinds of unique friendships. And that makes the exhaustion worth it.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Mommy Is Doing What?! (A Busy Life, Part 1 of 3)

We had to break the news to Rebekah that Kristie was leaving James and Rebekah alone for 6 days to attend a conference.

This face sums up her reaction.

The six days are almost over,

And as of this publishing, Rebekah and James had both survived.