Sunday, January 5, 2014

Really, South Asia? Part Sixteen (Mechanical Bulls)

Resolutions for the 2014? Nope, not really.

We are just trying to have a good time here in South Asia.

And what is more fun than Mechanical Bulls?

Perhaps a better question is "Why is there a Mechanical Bull in South Asia?"

Jump on the back of a cow, or spur a bull with your boots, anywhere else in our country and you'll start a riot. 

We cannot even joke about missing hamburgers or prime rib around most people here.

And if you hit a bull with your car (since they sit in the middle of the street)

You really better go to a police station before a riotous crowd drags you from your truck.

But put a cute little American girl on the back of one

And that apparently makes it all okay.

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