Thursday, January 30, 2014

2014 Anniversary Blowout! (DOUBLE EDITION)

For our 10th Anniversary we chose the internet-free zone in some cold mountains near our home, huddled around a big fireplace.

But for our 11th Anniversary, we decided to blow it out--and by "it", we mean our vacation budget for the year!

But you can't take your money with you, or so we have heard, so we went north into a "restricted area" of our country to a 5-star hotel that really is a destination itself.

Complete with bathtubs (which are a luxury in this country)...

Heaters in the room (another luxury), big beds, jungle balconies…

Some of the best Continental and South Asian food we have had in the country…

And fancy art all over the hotel grounds, 

We were able to de-stress while staying warm and getting fed.

People asked what we did with Rebekah during the trip. 

Well, she's one of the best things to come from our marriage, and she was the princess for the hotel staff. 

The room had plenty of space for her toys,

As well as indoor and outdoor playgrounds for Rebekah to play on, and pose in!

We don't go this big very often, but it was worth it!

Here's to another great year (together) in South Asia!

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