Sunday, December 15, 2013

'Tis the Season, 2013

We try to distract ourselves from missing family and friends during December…

With Kimchi.

Okay, kimchi is only one of the ways we celebrate here, and we did get to delight in our Korean friends' kimchi at a Christmas celebration at a local Christian seminary last week.

In some bigger cities in South Asia, a person might even imagine they are in the USA during this season, with decorated malls and ads with Santa Claus hanging from street lamps.

But this is quite a sleepy little town.

Despite the young adults from various churches or Christian groups coming by dancing and caroling,

We have to make our own Christmas atmosphere.

So we become "those people" who decorate so much more than everyone else, 

So that every visitor, repairman, or neighbor who comes by wants to pose with our decorations.

We had others put up the Christmas tree and fluff out the branches on Thanksgiving,

But we then went about decorating as well as one can with our limited supplies.

Now we have stockings hung,

Shiny tinsel stuck around our door, 

Gingerbread house painstakingly and messily assembled,

And one very excited little girl who, (like last year) loves to pose, and who asks each morning, "Is it Christmas today?"

We even have to decide each morning where Rebekah's Elf on the Shelf will show up the next morning. What says Christmas more than posting Elf on the Shelf pictures?!

As we prepare for a couple busy weeks of trying to turn a non-Christian culture's attention to Jesus, pray for us, and know that we at least have Christmas lights hung around our house to remind us it is December.

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