Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Week of Thanks, 2013… Doing Some Work

Our friends from Mississippi certainly did come to hang with us on Thanksgiving and encourage us with American candy and snacks, but they also came to work beside us in what God is doing in North India.

We would not ask a group to pay thousands of dollars to come over here unless they could add some value to our work, and also unless they could accomplish something we couldn't do without them.

So whether it is teaching transferrable, cross-cultural principles of group reproduction that are way over our heads,

Meeting guys at the roadside chai stall we never would have stopped at if our American visitors didn't love chai so much,

Telling stories in their own ways….

And dancing in their own ways….

And drawing huge crowds wherever they went...

We would not be where we are in our work without these friends of ours.

So Eddy/Jay/Jeff/Keith/Laila/Molly...

You're welcome back anytime!

(especially if you bring more Gummie Life Savers and Slim Jims)

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