Friday, October 18, 2013

America: Home of the Free & Land of the... (Part 2)

... Playgrounds!!!

Yes, we are sorry to disappoint our parents, but the two things Rebekah lamented about missing when we first arrived back in South Asia were the Splash Pads and the Playgrounds.

On the old tire-swing playgrounds that have been around since we were young,

With their faded metal and sharp edges.

Or on the shiny new ultra-safe playgrounds

Right next to the Splash Pads, so you can have the best of both worlds!

Rebekah was overcome with the opportunities for climbing...

And swinging...

And climbing!!!

Playgrounds in America are so fun, even Kristie could not resist getting into the action!!!

But there was a lot more about America that Rebekah liked...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

America: Home of the Free & Land of the... (Part 1)


Where were these things when we were kids, playing in the sprinkler in our parents' yards?

And, although not all splash pads are created equal, 
Some being plain,

And others elaborate, 

All splash pads = F-U-N for kids 10 and under.

Rebekah was a little unsure of them at first,

But was quite comfortable (and probably a little unhygienic) with them very quickly.

She is now a splash pad connoisseur,

Even showing an unsuspecting little girl and her grandmother 
in Oklahoma how to turn on the splash pad...

And proceed with the fun!!!

Two things about America made Rebekah not want to return to South Asia from our vacation.

Splash Pads, and...

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Around the World...

...And back again

 "Hello, United States of America!!!"
(although we barely made it past the USA Immigration Officials--a whole other story)

We made an exhausting... 

About 9 PM on the Date of Arrival

... trip to see family, friends, and supporters back in the USA during August and September, but are now back on the ground in South Asia.

Over the coming weeks, we will give you some details of the fun stuff we did,

But rest assured we did plenty of things American...

And a lot of things Southern...

Before loading up the truck
(with suitcases full of bacon, grits, tuna, pepperoni, candy, and children's clothes for the next 2 years)
And heading back to the airport. 

We had a great time seeing everyone we saw, and wish we had more than just a few weeks. But feel free to email us at anytime if you want to catch up or set up a video chat date!