Friday, August 30, 2013

Really, South Asia? Part Fifteen (Giant Dinosaurs)

"Turn Right at the T-Rex"

Of course there is a giant dinosaur standing by the side of the road on the drive from the airport to our town. With all the other unique sights we have seen here in South Asia, not a lot surprises us.

So why is there a huge dinosaur in our town?

Because there is a "tourist site" that we really would not recommend to visitors who have travelled from long distances for unique South Asian culture.

But if you are bored, have a child, and/or live in our town, what else can you really do for 20 cents per person?

I mean, your-head-on-a-fruit-dish is always good for some laughs.

And you can make some music.

But in the end, resting in the shade of the giant T-Rex alone is worth the 20 cents.

Just to say you've done it.

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