Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our Little Poser, Independence Day Edition

Today was our nation's Independence Day. Our sleepy little town was full of flags and celebrations, just like last year on this day, and Rebekah was SUPER-EXCITED about the day. All day, she has been asking when Independence Day would be over, then sighing sadly when we said the holiday would end when she went to sleep tonight.

So we got all dressed up for the holiday.

Some days, Rebekah refuses to let her picture be taken, even when just our family is in the room.

Other days, she just begs and begs for us to capture her new outfit, jewelry, or cute little pose.

Today was definitely a posing type of day!

 We could hardly get her to keep her head off her shoulder, 

Then she decided to change locations,

And just would not stop...

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