Friday, August 9, 2013

A Blue Week

This has been a rainy week here in South Asia.
We have used the A/C for dehumidification at night in one bedroom instead for purely the coolness it brings.

But the rain has apparently put Rebekah in a pensive mood, as she has begun to just sit and watch the rain fall as she stares out of the house.

The rain has not gotten us down, though! 

We have embraced the Rainy Season Blues, starting with dressing up for Blue Day at Kindergarten.

Then we had a Family Day last weekend when we heard the Smurfs 2 Movie was coming to town
(In 3D)

Smurfy Blue Pancakes for Breakfast...

Getting dressed for our big movie, 
(Rebekah's 4th actual movie theater experience)...

And finishing off the afternoon with some pink-and-blue Baskin Robbins Ice Cream!

Ice Cream and a Happy Child, building our Blue-Week Memories!

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