Friday, August 30, 2013

Really, South Asia? Part Fifteen (Giant Dinosaurs)

"Turn Right at the T-Rex"

Of course there is a giant dinosaur standing by the side of the road on the drive from the airport to our town. With all the other unique sights we have seen here in South Asia, not a lot surprises us.

So why is there a huge dinosaur in our town?

Because there is a "tourist site" that we really would not recommend to visitors who have travelled from long distances for unique South Asian culture.

But if you are bored, have a child, and/or live in our town, what else can you really do for 20 cents per person?

I mean, your-head-on-a-fruit-dish is always good for some laughs.

And you can make some music.

But in the end, resting in the shade of the giant T-Rex alone is worth the 20 cents.

Just to say you've done it.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Fly, Little Birdie

Every Friday night, we usually eat at one of the few Western fast food places here in our corner of South Asia. Afterwards, Rebekah usually jumps on the trampoline (10 minutes for 50 cents!) before we head home.

A couple weeks ago, though, James--on a whim--asked Rebekah if she wanted to go on the "adult" trampoline. I guess we need to quit daring our little girl to do things her age group shouldn't be brave enough to do.

She hopped right up, got strapped in...

Smiled, and...

Away she went.

Our little birdie is now addicted to the bungee trampoline ($1.80 for 10 minutes).

We may need to take out a loan as her thrill rides get more expensive.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our Little Poser, Independence Day Edition

Today was our nation's Independence Day. Our sleepy little town was full of flags and celebrations, just like last year on this day, and Rebekah was SUPER-EXCITED about the day. All day, she has been asking when Independence Day would be over, then sighing sadly when we said the holiday would end when she went to sleep tonight.

So we got all dressed up for the holiday.

Some days, Rebekah refuses to let her picture be taken, even when just our family is in the room.

Other days, she just begs and begs for us to capture her new outfit, jewelry, or cute little pose.

Today was definitely a posing type of day!

 We could hardly get her to keep her head off her shoulder, 

Then she decided to change locations,

And just would not stop...

Friday, August 9, 2013

A Blue Week

This has been a rainy week here in South Asia.
We have used the A/C for dehumidification at night in one bedroom instead for purely the coolness it brings.

But the rain has apparently put Rebekah in a pensive mood, as she has begun to just sit and watch the rain fall as she stares out of the house.

The rain has not gotten us down, though! 

We have embraced the Rainy Season Blues, starting with dressing up for Blue Day at Kindergarten.

Then we had a Family Day last weekend when we heard the Smurfs 2 Movie was coming to town
(In 3D)

Smurfy Blue Pancakes for Breakfast...

Getting dressed for our big movie, 
(Rebekah's 4th actual movie theater experience)...

And finishing off the afternoon with some pink-and-blue Baskin Robbins Ice Cream!

Ice Cream and a Happy Child, building our Blue-Week Memories!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Going Up (and Up and Up and Up) the Mountains

We have been to Nepal a couple times to visit friends, enjoy some relaxing times, and see monkeys (oh, and of course for company meetings), but both of the previous times we flew into the capital city, Kathmandu. 

Last month, for whatever reason, we passed on flying and piled three children into a car with some friends of ours, taking the two-day drive up to Kathmandu.

Nepal is a green, serene, relatively uncrowded country, with one good road...

That one good road stops at the edge of the mountains--maybe you've heard of them, the Himalayas--and from that point you go up, up, up...

down, down, up, up, up...

At which point you go above the clouds...

down, down, up, up...

Until you reach your destination.

And while we couldn't see Mt Everest on the drive like we can when we fly,

And although it took 18 hours instead of 4 to complete the journey...

We were still smiling at the end of it!