Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Village Baptism

We had the privilege of attending a baptism in a village near here during our language immersion, with Kristie even getting to share the reason (in the candidate for baptism's own language!) why Christians baptize.

As joyous as the occasion was for us to experience, we do not pretend the part of our work in churches or in teaching the Bible happens in a laboratory or a vacuum. The people we share the message of Christ with have just as complicated family situations as people in the USA. 

For example, the young lady taking baptism was from a Hindu family, so to ensure that her baptism did not bring persecution on her, her family, or other church members, both of her parents had to sign that she was in no way being coaxed or bribed to follow Christ. 

(Her parents could not sign their names, so her father and mother both put their thumbprints on the document.)

And we do not pretend the church workers in villages like this have it easy. During the month we visited, it was just hot and dry--no other words need to be given.

So the church workers rigged up a portable baptistry, got buckets and buckets of water from a deep, deep well...

And baptized the young lady as well as two other church members who had not taken baptism (but were listening to Kristie's lesson on baptism!).

Did we mention how hot it was?

Poor Rebekah was an awesome sport, though, despite her sweat.

But it would not be South Asia if the celebration did not include a meal packed with these little babies--who eats ferociously hot peppers when you are sweating from sun-up to sun-down!? 

But this story gets even better...

So check back in a few days...

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