Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rats Beware!

We are blessed to have so many friends and family back home,
And because of them our two years overseas have been full of tons of goodies.

We do not "need" anything from America, but when people insist on sending packages, we give them pretty specific instructions, because certain friends of ours like to try to get into our packages before we do.

We should have suspected something was unique about a recent package from Kristie's cousin when our Postman said how heavy it was. In fact, it was not particularly heavy, though, as it was 'solid'...

Like a 20 lb brick.

 No rats, nor any other creatures, were breaking into this package.

After working and working through layers of tape and Ziplock bags, 
we became convinced of two things: 

Kimberly Higgs Volner... 

1) was a drug runner in a former life,

2) and packed us 20 lbs of awesomeness!


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