Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Time Fun?

Two things we are serious about in the Roberts' house: Summertime Fun
(we have been documenting summer fun Rebekah's entire life--
see here, here, here, etc.),

and School.

Okay, maybe none of us are crazy about school.

But in South Asia, Rebekah was given gobs of "Holiday Homework"
To be completed during her 3-week Summer Break.

So Rebekah sits at her desk each morning, focuses on her letters, coloring, and numbers,

And merrily works away.

Then, she even does her ballet-on-video!

Keeping her old 4-year-old bones limber.

So, Summer-Time Fun? Maybe not as fun as playing with toys, watching cartoons, or swimming, but not too bad either.

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