Sunday, June 2, 2013

Our Village Life (Part 2)

You met the locale and the cast of our language and cultural immersion previously, but we wanted to give a few more glimpses of what we did and TRY to summarize some of our highlights.

10 Things We Did and Saw:

1. We were forced to communicate our meanings with actions as well as a limited vocabulary.

2. We drank more unfiltered water than we would ever recommend an American drinking.

3. We took more freezing bucket baths than we ever desired taking.

4. Kristie perfected making the perfectly round roti.

5. Kristie wore the super-attractive "maxi" for more hours of the day and night than she didn't wear it.

6. We both taught entire impromptu lessons in our target language

7. We finally went on the "camping" trip Kristie has begged James to take her on since they got married!

8. Rebekah learned the joys of brushing her teeth and washing her legs off in the tub outside.

9. Rebekah became much more efficient at riding a bicycle around (although she enjoyed being chauffeured around as well).

10. Rebekah learned that it is possible to live life without a room full of toys.

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