Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day 2013!

Daddy's Little Girl
James and Rebekah
James with Rebekah 
James with his dad

Kristie and Her Dad

 Grandpa and Papaw's Little Girl

As a child, I was daddy's little girl, 
To me, 
You hung the moon. 
You never really realize, 
How special, 
A bond really is, 
Between a father and a daughter. 
You were there when I was born, 
Through good times and bad, 
You're my daddy, 
Till the end. 
You were there, 
When I cried for my dear,
You were better than batman, 
And smarter than Einstein. 
To me you're always, 
My superhero. 
Not long ago, 
You walked me down the aisle, 
Though you gave me away, 
I'm always your little girl. 
Now that I'm grown, 
I know you don't have magic powers, 
But still deep down, 
You're my hero.
by Tiffany N. Evans

Daddy, Grandpa, and Papaw 

The names that Rebekah and I call the men we love!  We thank you all so much for the love you give us!  We are blessed to have you three in our lives!  Words cannot express our love, so we hope you enjoy the blog!

You are our HEROS!

Kristie and Rebekah

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