Friday, June 21, 2013

Advanced Swimming

Okay, so I know we have a lot of videos of Rebekah learning to swim. But we are just so proud of her on her own initiative just taking off the floaties and jumping into the deep end of the pool over the past two months.

We love these moments, but also pray that her fearlessness gets balanced with caution, or we will have a sky-diving, race car-driving, snake-handling teenager on our hands before we know it.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Daddy's Handiwork

Sure, Kristie appreciates James helping with Rebekah before bedtime. 

But sometimes bad things just happen to Rebekah's hair when Daddy is in charge of the blow drying. 

Can you say "mullet"?

Can you say "Billy Ray Cyrus"?

Come on, James...

"F for Effort on the Blow Dryer Scout Badge.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day 2013!

Daddy's Little Girl
James and Rebekah
James with Rebekah 
James with his dad

Kristie and Her Dad

 Grandpa and Papaw's Little Girl

As a child, I was daddy's little girl, 
To me, 
You hung the moon. 
You never really realize, 
How special, 
A bond really is, 
Between a father and a daughter. 
You were there when I was born, 
Through good times and bad, 
You're my daddy, 
Till the end. 
You were there, 
When I cried for my dear,
You were better than batman, 
And smarter than Einstein. 
To me you're always, 
My superhero. 
Not long ago, 
You walked me down the aisle, 
Though you gave me away, 
I'm always your little girl. 
Now that I'm grown, 
I know you don't have magic powers, 
But still deep down, 
You're my hero.
by Tiffany N. Evans

Daddy, Grandpa, and Papaw 

The names that Rebekah and I call the men we love!  We thank you all so much for the love you give us!  We are blessed to have you three in our lives!  Words cannot express our love, so we hope you enjoy the blog!

You are our HEROS!

Kristie and Rebekah

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Time Fun?

Two things we are serious about in the Roberts' house: Summertime Fun
(we have been documenting summer fun Rebekah's entire life--
see here, here, here, etc.),

and School.

Okay, maybe none of us are crazy about school.

But in South Asia, Rebekah was given gobs of "Holiday Homework"
To be completed during her 3-week Summer Break.

So Rebekah sits at her desk each morning, focuses on her letters, coloring, and numbers,

And merrily works away.

Then, she even does her ballet-on-video!

Keeping her old 4-year-old bones limber.

So, Summer-Time Fun? Maybe not as fun as playing with toys, watching cartoons, or swimming, but not too bad either.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Bug's Life

Rebekah went missing during one morning this week. One quick trip to the bathroom turned into 15 minutes, so we--as good parents--finally noticed Rebekah was gone and went to find her.

We found her staring at all the bugs that had gathered on the bathroom floor overnight.

Bugs really have a good life in Rebekah's house. She catches them, gives them all their own teacup in which to live,

And even uses them as characters in the adventures occurring in her princess castle.

Who needs $20 toys when you have June Bugs around!?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Brave Swimming

Our "country club" is quickly becoming our second home this summer. Despite the continual construction going on around the pool (see the lady carrying the slab of marble behind Rebekah below), we sneak off every chance we get and take a dip in the pool.

When not swimming, apparently Rebekah likes posing for pictures. Rebekah's "big sister" Annie learned to swim at the pool with us, and Rebekah decided this whole swimming thing was easy.

So she just took off her floaties and told us she was now going to swim in the big pool. This was one of her first days swimming in the big pool, about a month ago, and she has just gotten progressively better at holding her breath and actually kicking her legs to swim.

Michael Phelps she is not, but she certainly is not afraid of the water.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Our Village Life (Part 2)

You met the locale and the cast of our language and cultural immersion previously, but we wanted to give a few more glimpses of what we did and TRY to summarize some of our highlights.

10 Things We Did and Saw:

1. We were forced to communicate our meanings with actions as well as a limited vocabulary.

2. We drank more unfiltered water than we would ever recommend an American drinking.

3. We took more freezing bucket baths than we ever desired taking.

4. Kristie perfected making the perfectly round roti.

5. Kristie wore the super-attractive "maxi" for more hours of the day and night than she didn't wear it.

6. We both taught entire impromptu lessons in our target language

7. We finally went on the "camping" trip Kristie has begged James to take her on since they got married!

8. Rebekah learned the joys of brushing her teeth and washing her legs off in the tub outside.

9. Rebekah became much more efficient at riding a bicycle around (although she enjoyed being chauffeured around as well).

10. Rebekah learned that it is possible to live life without a room full of toys.