Saturday, May 4, 2013

When James is Away...

Last month, during one of James' work trips, Kristie and Rebekah hosted a visitor to our sleepy little town. Our friend Lydia, who we had not seen in 18 months, flew into town for some of our beautifully peaceful mornings--one place in our country where birds tweeting wake you up instead of 'street' noises--and cool weather.

Kristie, Rebekah, and our friend Annie showed Lydia all around. 

The lodging is not always posh here in South Asia
(I guess Rebekah was taking this picture),

But there is always plenty of South Asian food to be consumed as the sites of Darjeeling are explored.

Attempts at scenic pictures were taken, although the days were a little cloudy and cooler than we would have thought for a late-March day. 

But the obligatory tourist garb was donned,

And of course the local wildlife was experienced, from the hungry little monkeys,

To the pony rides,

To Rebekah chasing around birds and being gawked at by the local residents.

We love where we live, and love even more when we get to share it in person with our friends!

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