Sunday, May 19, 2013

Country Clubbing It, South Asian Style

Rebekah has been a swimmer since she was just a couple months old in Mississippi. 

And since her second summer, when she was mobile yet brave, she has been pushing the boundaries of what a child her age should attempt.

At Granny's and Grandma's houses, in lakes, and even in South Asia, we pretty much always have to have a body of water nearby that Rebekah can immerse herself in. 

So this year, we joined a "country club"
(tone down images of tennis courts and golf courses, nice buffets and valets). 

What the club lacks in other amenities, it makes up for with a decent pool, 

with plenty of room to swim, 
learn to immerse ourselves under water,

Or disobey mom, dad, and the pool rules by climbing up the water slide before acting crazy on the way down.

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